MGI - Department for Transaction and Press

The Department performs complete management of publishing tasks related to the preparation of professional publications of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center - Institute of Agricultural Engineering (NAIK MGI), as well as assistance in the preparation of press releases, publications and event documentation on the tasks of the Institute's research topics.

Most important publications

For several decades, publication under the title of „Cost of Mechanized Processes in the Agriculture” (Mezőgazdasági gépi munkák költsége) helps farmers to plan technology, to monitor machinery operation costs, in cost calculations, in service fees, and to issue price offers for service works.

NAIK MGI also publishes the important and useful results of research in form of technical books. The „MGI Books” (MGI könyvek) series has now published 8 volumes covering various themes.

Within the framework of the Department operates the editorial office of the only scientific-technical journal in Hungary. The responsible publisher of the „Agricultural Engineering” (Mezőgazdasági Technika) is the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. The publisher is the NAIK MGI.

Scientific articles are published mostly by NAIK MGI researchers and teachers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Szent István University. Articles are primarily connected to the field of mechanization, related to soil cultivation, sowing, plant protection, livestock farming, renewable energies, economy etc., covering almost the complete cross-section of agriculture. Website of the journal:


Gábor Pálinkás
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Diána Birta Szöginé
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