Institute of Agricultural Engineering

Institute of Agricultural Engineering

About the institute

The first predecessor in title of NARIC Institute of Agricultural Engineering (NARIC MGI) was established in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary in 1869.

The NARIC MGI is a research institute dealing with engineering and technical research, development, innovation and other related activities to enhance the mechanization of agriculture.

All activities are conducted according to an internal integrated quality management system which fulfils all requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001 standard and certified by the TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. The institute has laboratories for testing plant protection machines and energetic equipment which are both accredited by the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority.

The strategic programme of NARIC MGI is the sustainable, practice-oriented and market-specific development of Hungarian agriculture through the expansion of environmental resources. Its tactic objective is to perform such research, development, innovation and concerning functions which result in beneficial and competitive products, prototypes, technologies, services and commonwealth to contribute in the success of agrarian sector. In this respect, consultancy is its priority within which frame the institute publishes several transactions such as the Agricultural Engineering - cited technical journal and among others an MGI Book series for researchers and producers. It organizes scientific programs, exhibitions in order to disseminate its results and proposals among those who are involved in agriculture, within the shortest period of time. As part of its aims the NARIC MGI pays special attention for cooperating with producers, industrial partners, other research institutes and universities, decision makers. It focuses on facilitating the active involvement of young researchers and works to provide career for the next generation. 

Main research areas and other activities of NARIC MGI:

  • Fundamental and applied agricultural engineering researches. Experimental developments. Elaboration and improvement of production technologies.
  • Technical and technological research and development of tillage and sowing, plant production and harvesting, plant cultivation and plant protection, nutrient management, irrigation, animal husbandry and feed-processing, drying, conservation,  storage, energetics, environment protection and other agricultural procedures.
  • Research to improve the efficiency of agricultural machineries.
  • Research of relations and interactions within the Tyre-Soil-Machinery-Implement system.
  • Research and development of environmentally friendly tillage technologies.
  • Research and development of horticultural and vinicultural technologies.
  • Precision agriculture, GIS and remote sensing application and development.
  • Research and development of agricultural energy-management and utilization of renewable energies.
  • Research and development of biological and environment-technical engineering technologies.
  • Research and development of low GHG-emission manure-processing technologies.
  • Research and development of processing, conservation and storage of feed grains and compound feed production technologies.
  • Research and development of production technologies of forage and forage for grazing livestock, conservation and storage technologies of agricultural by-products.
  • Experimental development, certification of agricultural machines. Comparative, value in use and endurance testing of machineries and equipment.
  • Certification and periodical inspection of plant protection machines.
  • Publication of transactions and journals. Organization and performance of professional events, exhibitions. Consultancy.



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